Friday, April 29, 2016

Decisions: Health Matters

       I now have health issues that will take me through the end of July to work through. What does that have to do with organizing, you might ask? I help clients sort, reduce, and then figure out how and where to store remaining items.
       I also work for Carolyn Rowe's company The Move Maker--packing and unpacking for her clients who are often older and have health issues. Frequently, the state of their health necessitates that a caretaker or family member makes decisions about what to keep and what to move to their next and much smaller home...usually on short notice.
       Every time I work in a home filled with years worth of memorabilia, artwork, books, papers, photos, collectibles, and clothes, etc., it reminds me to take a look at my own home and reduce my belongings to only those items that I truly need, use, and value...while I'm healthy and able to make those decisions.

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