Friday, August 9, 2019

How Do You Spot Clues About Disorganization?

     After my recent total hip replacement surgery, I occupied much of my healing time by reading novels such as Louise Penny's book Still Life (first in her series about Chief Inspector Armand Gamache of the Surete du Quebec).

     In one chapter of this book, Inspector Gamache and his team enter a deceased victim's home in search of clues about her. Gamache says, "Homes, [he] knew were a self-portrait. Every touch revealed the individual. God, or the Devil, was in the details. And so was the human. Was it dirty, messy, obsessively clean? Were the decorations chosen to impress, or were they a hodgepodge of personal history? Was the space cluttered or clear?"

     When potential clients call and request my professional organizing services, I ask them to allow me to conduct an initial assessment of their home in its current state. A tour of their home and their comments about it reveal clues about their lives and what areas need attention. 

     Often the reasons for disorganization arise from situations such as: addition of a child; family illness; work and college attendance at the same time; moving to a smaller home without downsizing first; furniture and other items added for various reasons; and too many items for the room size.  

     My observations and the potential client's comments about their space help me figure out workable organizing solutions and devise a maintenance plan.

     If you find yourself in need of organizing assistance, for any reason,  consider consulting a professional organizer.