Monday, February 7, 2011

Trips and Totes

          In early October 2009, my husband and I made a leisurely road trip from Vancouver, Washington to Boulder, Grand Lake, and Westcliffe, Colorado for a cousin's wedding and a visit with relatives and friends.  My husband drove the entire time, while I occupied space on the passenger side of the truck.  I imagined this road trip would be similar to hunting trips my husband enjoys.  Quiet. He is a hunter and comfortable with lengthy stretches of silence needed while scanning the terrain for wildlife.

          Long lulls in conversation were anticipated and required a bag full of things to keep my mind engaged and my hands occupied.  I hunted and gathered stuff in Fred Meyer:  mystery novels, a newspaper, Sudoku  puzzle book, pens, pencils, snacks, and bottles of water.  I wandered some more...then my eyes were drawn to these colorful bags with wonderful designs, neatly hung in vertical rows on a wall--especially the bag with a white bowl full of cherries on it.  When I opened the tote, I "found" three inner pockets in the middle.  Perfect for holding bottles upright, plus there was plenty of room for other trip items and my camera.

Patty Reed Designs' "Insta-Totes"

          Since that early fall trip, I have explored Patty Reed Designs web page and discovered additional totes:  Insulated lunch and grocery totes, zippered totes, and wine totes.  I like (love) them all!  These bags can be used for multiple purposes and "...are lightweight yet super-strong, with a virtually indestructible waterproof surface that can be wiped clean and reused indefinitely."  These totes are affordable and easy on the environment as they're made from recycled water bottles which can be recycled again.  Here's another cheerful favorite:

Patty Reed Insta Tote Inc.

          I love to use these boldly colored, sturdy bags to prepare for any trip or meeting...a short jaunt or long journey.  My favorite preparation practice is to sit the tote, with a "to-do" list attached to it,  next to the front door.  When I gather things and place them in the bag, I line through the item on the list (for some reason, that small act provides a sense of accomplishment).  On departure date, I'm ready to leave with all essentials organized in the "Insta-Tote."

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