Thursday, April 15, 2010

Red, Yellow, Green

We have to eat fruits and vegetables, don’t we?! How many of us actually eat the recommended daily amounts of each? I recently read, “Eat to Live,” by Joel Fuhrman, M. D., who said we should eat at least four fresh fruits and unlimited raw vegetables daily because of their vital nutrients, enzymes, minerals, and fiber, etc., which aid in digestion and weight loss, lower cholesterol, and have disease-fighting qualities, to name a few motivating reasons.

Prior to having my lipids (cholesterol, HDL, LDL, and triglycerides) retested a few months ago, I was eating the recommended amounts of both fruits and vegetables. I was rewarded with lipid levels within normal ranges. Since then, I have to admit I’ve eaten less of these good little “fellows.” I’ve fallen off the produce wagon. I do love fruits, and I like raw vegetables—cooked vegetables…not as much.

I know I need to get back on course, especially because my weight has inched up a couple of pounds. You don’t suppose it’s because my exercise went the direction of the fruits and vegetables? The Fritos I snacked on late last night, after an evening meeting? Or, because I’ve nibbled on peanut M & M’s I bought a couple of days ago? Well…the M & M’s are the rights colors: red, yellow, green, orange, and blue…aren’t they?!

It’s time for a chat with my Self. I sat down in the recliner this morning, because the cat insisted I hold her a few minutes before she took her morning nap. I usually turn the TV on during this time and flip between the morning talk shows and national news. This morning a commercial for body shapers greeted me. In case you haven’t seen the commercial, XXXXXX body shaper is a “device” that readjusts and smooths out mid-section body bulges, so it appears one has lost several inches. It does seem to flatten these bulges; however, it appeared to me that the measurer didn’t remeasure the same part of body. One gal said she could eat more donuts now. This sends a scary message to viewers, on several levels—I’m sure you can imagine what those are. It’s time to change the way we think.

Change your habits. Tonight, see how many different colored fruits and vegetables you can stuff into a lunch “bag.” Here’s what I put in mine (an oblong, soft-sided and zippered container): a red-yellow apple, a banana, two kiwis, red grapes, two clementines, and a grapefruit; red and green pepper slices, baby carrots, broccoli, and romaine lettuce. Actually, I’ll keep the romaine lettuce separate as I plan on eating more than I can stuff in the bag, and I’ll use it and some of the veggies in my bag to make a salad.

Tomorrow morning, I’ll set the container on the kitchen counter and reach for a piece of fruit or vegetable throughout the day rather than the red, yellow, and green M & M’s, chips, or cookies that are so tempting.

P. S. I’m not a nutritionist or any other kind of health professional; I’ve always been interested in eating well and exercising, even though it doesn’t always happen. I know creating good habits will again take time and patience.

Now, off to the park for a walk and later to the gym for yoga. I’ll keep you posted on how I fare.

Edited by Two Twins.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

A Few Words

Who has played an important role in your life? Mentors have for me.

Starbucks is my “office” today where creative writing about mentors…will surely happen. You know how your mind drifts when you ought to be focused on an important project? Mine wandered…; my gaze shifted to the window and beyond where a frisky white, standard-size poodle yanked on her leash, and pulled the spry older man attached to it. This scenario somehow inspired me to write about mentoring….I know it’s a stretch to connect the two; however, more about the dog in a few sentences.

Mentors, I decided early on in my professional career, can be any age, size, and shape, etc., that inspire "movement." Mentors are mostly successful people interested in YOU and your success, professional or personal. They ask direct questions and provide honest (sometimes blunt) feedback. If you come up with a bunch of reasons why you can’t do something, they ask you “Why”? Mentors give sound advice, provide assignments, and keep you focused on your goal when you get off balance.

Sometimes mentors only have to say a few words which profoundly affect your direction in life. In my case, on three different occasions, those words were: “Go for it,” “Just do it” (thanks Nike); and “Just jump in (Megan)”! These small though pivotal words moved me to return to work after my second child turned four; select a field of study and finish my college degree; and write articles related to professional organizing.

Back to the dog…as seen through my eyes, the leashed dog tugging the man resulted in him moving. Likewise, mentors provide a gentle nudge or tug (the dog—smile) and encourage action. They motivate one to make changes, big or small—no excuses allowed!

Need a “tug”? Find a mentor!

Edited by Two Twins