Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Organized Packing

Does this sound familiar? You take a trip out of state that requires living out of a suitcase for several days. On day one, you go to breakfast at the hotel, then change into something casual for some strolling and shopping, followed by suiting up for an afternoon swim, and  later, dressing up for dinner. By the end of the first day's activities, your suitcase is a mess! All of your clothes--once packed neatly in your suitcase--are now jumbled up. You spend the rest of the trip unpacking and repacking your suitcase each day in an effort to stay organized, but are never really able to keep everything straight.

Packing Cubes
My niece Tara and her husband Matt traveled to Italy several months ago and discovered a better way to pack using Packing Cubes from They love these cubes, as they made living out of a suitcase much easier by allowing them to keep their suitcases organized. My niece put her shirts in one cube, pants in another, and toiletries in yet another--which made finding what she was looking for a snap!

During a recent trip to the West coast, they each kept their clothes for warmer weather in one cube for their time in California, and then packed cooler weather clothes in another for their drive up the coast to Washington. This is when I first saw the packing cubes; I liked them immediately!

The variety of colors makes it easy to pack for a family vacation. You can easily identify each person's cubes by color or size. The cubes can also be used to store out-of-season clothing, keep toys separated in a child's playroom, or store your gear in your gym bag--by activity.

Click on the links below and check out the different colors, shapes, and sizes of ePacking Cubes. Even my brother-in-law, who keeps his suitcase totally neat the entire trip, might like the Shoe Cubes and the Pack-It-Flat Toiletry Kit: 
shoe cubes  
 eBags Pack-It-Flat Toiletry Kit.

*The above images are from the website.