Saturday, May 18, 2013

Gifts: Two You Can Give Yourself

Exercise is a gift you can give yourself!  It is a journey for your body, mind, and eventually...your soul, said Yoga Instructor Patti during Sunday's Yoga class.  I thought about her statement and decided it applies to learning a new exercise and getting organized too.  Each starts with a thought about the act, and then requires action, practice, and maintenance; benefits follow.

I happened to watch Dancing with the Stars and sometime after that, I noticed Zumba listed on my gym's group-exercise schedule.  I thought Zumba would be a fun way to get in shape...several weeks later I made it to my first Zumba class where I claimed the  corner of the back row where no one could catch my "fumbles."  Five minutes into the class...I was hooked!  Each class gets easier because patterns repeat and our instructor's speed is just right for me, plus my fitness level continues to increase. You will now find me front and center having fun!

You might watch a TV Show or magazine article about organizing and decide you want to improve some space in your home.  You think about it for awhile before you decide to call someone to help you get started (professional organizer/coach).  While you may not find bringing order to your spaces fun like Zumba is for me, your skill level will get better with practice, it gets easier to let make decisions about and let go of  unneeded items; and performing routine maintenance will help preserve order in your home. 

Scheduled upkeep of spaces and regular exercise both bring improved balance, mental clarity, increased confidence, and energy into your life.