Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Do You Have: Too Much Stuff?

Do you have a large quantity of items in your office or home that you do not use or need anymore?  I think about this when I work with my organizing clients (and my family) who have accumulated an abundance of objects. 

Before bringing any more stuff into your home...think about what you’re going to do with that item when you no longer need or want it.  Will it be recyclable or useful to someone else? 

Monday, January 6, 2014

Reduce: Your Files and Filing Time

December found me slogging through our 4-drawer file cabinet after discovering our files had not been purged of unneeded, unnecessary, and useless documents for...5 years.  Somehow this task slipped off my to-do list when I immersed myself in my second career as a Professional Organizer. 

·      I tackled this tedious task by first sorting every document, filed or not yet filed, into a recycle, shred, or keep stack guided by these references:  U. S. Government’s How Long to Keep Documents and Real Simple’s Deciding Which Financial Records to Keep.

·      Then, I reduced 120 files to 38 labeled hanging file folders with documents placed in chronological order.  I used colored hanging file folders to distinguish documents by type.  Bills paid monthly were placed in the front of the file cabinet; those paid once a year reside at the back of the cabinet.  For example, red folders were used for credit cards, yellow folders for utility bills, blue for house-related documents, orange for vehicle insurance, etc., then house insurance at the back in a turquoise file.

Now, it’s quick and easy to file and find needed papers because the bill payer (my husband) inserts the paid bill or current document at the front of the appropriate colored file folder.   I'm happy to say our files are in order and tax preparation ought to be easier too.