Thursday, April 12, 2012

How to Relieve Stress From Overwhelm

Karyn Greenstreet's 44Tips for Dealing with Overhwelm, in her April 2, 2012 eNewsletter, Self-Employed Success, provides "practical tips" for small business owners who have "...too many tasks and projects, and not enough time or resources."  Most of us experience this same state of overwhelm in our personal lives...some time; try Karyn's three useful tips to tame your overpowering task/project list:

1.  "Do it.  Sometimes, a bare-knuckle commitment to getting things done is necessary.  That pesky colonoscopy you've been putting off?  Do it.  That phone call to a disgruntled employee?  Do it.  That 3,000 word article?  Do it."

2.  "OMD:  Off My Desk.  Make a concerted effort to handle each item that comes across your desk ONCE.  do not stack it in a pile and think, 'I'll get back to it later.'  Each morning, make a clean sweep of your desk while reciting the mantra:  OMD, OMD, OMD."

3.  "Action alleviates anxiety.  Pick one high-priority task on your To Do list and do it.  Nothing relieves stress better than getting off your butt and taking action.  Don't fall in the trap of picking a low-priority task just because it is easy.  Do the things that matter."

Preventative measures to get us procrastinators moving!