Friday, March 25, 2016

Unwanted Gifts: How to Let Them Go

Do you find it hard to part with gifts, especially when received for one of these reasons?

Birth of a child
Death of family member

Do you hold onto the gift(s) for any of these reasons?

You might use it in the future.
It’s hard for you to part with any of your belongings.
The gift-giver was your favorite family member or friend.
Your memory of the deceased person will fade without the physical reminder.
You’re afraid the gift-giver will notice the gift is not displayed in your home.
You feel guilty because thought, time, and money was invested in the gift buying.
The gift was expensive.
It reminds you of a special achievement, event, or occasion (you or your family).

Is it okay to let gifts go? Yes!  My thoughts and those of some clients about this topic:

The received gift is yours now; you can use, re-gift, donate, or give it away.
It doesn’t fit; it’s not your style or color.
You don’t like, want, or need the item.
It served its useful purpose.
The used gift has been collecting dust for years.
Someone else may enjoy and use it.
You’re downsizing.
You’ll remember the person without the physical object—trust your memory.
It will free up physical space and help clear mental clutter.

I’d like to hear your thoughts about letting go of gifts, once they’ve served their useful purpose, it  easy for you, or a challenge?