Monday, May 24, 2010


I attended my favorite yoga class Sunday morning, led by my most favorite instructor, Patti. Engaging in yoga is a fabulous way to start your day and let go of any negative thoughts you may have accumulated throughout the week. I needed this class. Why?

The Pacific Northwest received a week-long (or more) weather "gift" of relentless rain and cooler than normal weather—with high winds tossed in too—from Alaska, according to the weather person. Exercise usually helps exorcise gloomy thoughts and replaces them with positive ones. We had a wee bit too much wet weather though, so I’m willing to air-mail the weather pattern back to our friends up North.

Perhaps you can see why Patti's yoga class was necessary...she "sprinkles" our moves with motivational comments. She tells us we have to continue to challenge our bodies and try difficult poses in order to get stronger and better at them. We have to make order for change to occur.

Try on these inspirational words Patti shared with us: "Success or failure is based on each choice we make." In my mind, this is a powerful statement and one to ponder when we try to reach a goal. It makes sense. Does it to you? Think about it next time your hand reaches for the crunchy Cheetos or chili-cheese dogs, rather than a piece of fiber-filled fruit when you're trying to lose weight. Or, mull it over when you have visions of a clean kitchen counter-top, as another piece of mail lands on the growing paper stack; you'll deal with it later?

Life’s about choices and changes, isn't it?!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


I admit I’m directionally challenged. So—a drive to downtown destinations in Portland, Oregon is less than pleasurable, especially without my daughter to help navigate four-way stops for: Unpredictable pedestrians and bicyclists, and converging cars with drivers who wonder whose turn is it anyway because they weren't paying attention. I need an owl.

The purchase and use of a GPS has helped with some of my solo-trip navigation; however, there are several instances when the GPS’ mechanical brain gets confused. Then you know what happens to me! Let me tell you about a recent trip into Portland to visit Powell’s Bookstore, Storables, and Whole Foods. A decision to take an unfamiliar route combined with road construction resulted in detours. I like to think I can “trust” my GPS even though it misses the concept of take most direct route. After several trips around the same blocks, it dawned on me my GPS didn’t know Burnside had changed from a two-way street to a one-way street, which prevented me from turning right—the direction I needed to go.

Eventually spotting visual cues (buildings) and making several more turns resulted in heading in the right direction; then another obstacle appeared. Train. I turned onto a street with a train track and moving train which stopped me in my “tracks”—for 10 minutes.

This delay afforded me time to think about being better prepared/organized for my next downtown Portland adventure. While paused, five thoughts rapidly popped into my brain: Print enlarged Google Map instructions and map; actually look at the map before you go; avoid driving in rush hour traffic; check the Internet for traffic delays, or take a bus or train to save fuel and avoid frustration. After I returned home, I found this website Keep Portland Moving about downtown traffic impacts such as street closures, event-clogging events, long-term projects, and trip tips…to help lesson future trip tangles.

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Follow up

Reference my blog post below, Red, Yellow, Green.

How well did I stick with my resolve to eat more fruits and vegetables? I did improve. I confess it’s a challenge to reestablish good eating habits…and speaking of good habits…I've noticed that the days I exercise I eat better too. I think it's because some days require more effort than others to get on the exercise path—literally and figuratively; I don't want to cancel the benefits of exercise by eating poorly. Adding Eat right and Exercise together on my daily to-do list will be a gentle reminder to do both!

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