Sunday, March 6, 2011

Paperwork Past Its Prime

                 Paper, in some form, arrives daily in most households.  True?  Advertisements, bills, junk mail, magazines, donation requests, and newspapers are received by mail; documents are brought home from work and/or school; and business cards, fliers, and pamphlets are collected at business networking meetings, expositions, and trade shows.  Upon arrival, the tendency is to lay the paper object on the nearest chair, couch, desktop, or kitchen counter with the intention of taking care of it...later.  However, unprocessed, miscellaneous papers lie around, multiply, and may spread into other rooms.   
                Eventually, the time is right, or an occasion arises and the paper finally gets some attention. Hours upon hours are needed to sort, review, and dispose of the amassed paper collection.  Recently, a client’s decades’ worth of papers was processed by us, and inspired me to write this cinquain poem:

Many, saved
Reading, filing, recycling
Stack up, clutter minds, cause disorder