Monday, March 2, 2015

Unused: How to Recycle Computers and Other Electronic Components

I'm on a hunt to find and reduce unused and dusty items "hanging out" for years and occupying valuable space in our home.  I started with my technologically outdated and untouched desktop computer and its peripherals.  What took me so long?  I put off deciding what photos to keep and where to take outmoded electronics.

I finally saved some photos and Googled electronics recycling after my husband started to repurpose a table to replace the current desk holding my desktop computer.

Research led me to Empower Up, a non-profit organization in Vancouver that takes computers and peripherals, working or not, along with other electronic items (from cables to video games).  They don't charge for dropping off these items...except for CRT monitors and TV's; these components cost $3.00 for 20" and below, and $5.00 for TV's 20" and over.  Empower Up wipes hard-drive data according to Department of Defense (DOD) specifications.

Have you purchased new electronics and kept the old which take up space and serve no useful purpose? Check out Recycle Computers to find a business in your area for recycling electronics.  Three examples from this site are:  Junk, Staples (technology trade-ins, and ink and toner cartridge recycling); and participating Target stores (recycle MP3 players, ink cartridges and cell phones, and they have an electronics trade-in program too).  Websites list acceptable electronic items for recycling, fees to do so, if any, and information about data destruction.

Next on my list is finding a new home for my desk.